Varsity through the Pandemic

Something I’m sure we can all agree on is that the last year and a quarter, since Lock-Down One, has presented challenges to not only us, but our staff, suppliers, customers and the entire supply chain.

It’s certainly been a time to ‘Step up to the plate’ and ‘rise to the occasion’!

Here at Varsity our concentration is always on strengthening the links with our valued suppliers and customers, while maintaining the high service levels expected of us.

We maintain our extensive stock levels and a wide variety of sizes for a number of reasons. It allows us to match customer requirements as closely as possible and offers choices when supply is tight, curtailed or even in some cases, simply unavailable.

At the same time we look to follow trends and bring products forward to meet changing demands.

Kraft is a much sought-after product these days. Most certainly this class of products is ‘on trend’ and helps to enhance brand awareness. Demand has never been higher and Varsity has options aplenty. We couldn’t have chosen a better time to introduce reel stock of Maule RC Kraft either, offering bespoke sheeting from UK reel stock.

Natural Kraft and Excellent Brown are uncoated Kraft lined Boxboard grades targeted at ever demanding end-users wishing to remove coatings from the boards they specify.

The natural, earthy look appeals to consumers of fruit and vegetables particularly. Cartonboard effectively replaces plastic punnets and offers high quality print alongside stability for the products they hold.

As all businesses know good suppliers are valuable assets. Partnerships and relationships need to be strong. Our warehouse and distribution partner, Howard Tenens, have certainly demonstrated their worth in the last 15 months.

Demand has been high for our products and they have responded admirably to the extra pressure exerted on them. Office, warehouse and admin. staff have maintained the high levels of response needed and most importantly, kept the supply chain moving.

In recognition of this we’ve produced a video that shows what life has been like at the sharp end of the Varsity supply chain. We hope you enjoy the brief insight into the workings of the warehouse, and also meeting some of the people behind theĀ  Varsity machine.

We wish you all well and continued good health.

The Varsity Team