Varsity Promo Box – Part 2

Issue two of of our Promo-Box is now complete and will be winging it’s way to all corners of the country this week.

The new Box is printed on the reverse of Kromopak. This improved GC2 Folding Boxboard originates from  MM-Karton’s Kolicevo Mill in Slovenia. The Mill was rebuilt last year and as a result Kromopak now has a smoother, whiter surface; a bright white reverse; not generally associated with GC2 grades and is food contact approved.

The new box displays some Festive Scenes along with a further two panels dedicated to the Bristlecone Pine. In nature this extraordinary Tree grows just 6 inches in 36 years and some are known to survive to over 5,000 years old.

As can be seen from the photo below the box stacks on top of the first one, which we launched earlier in the year. Last time the gift was a Grasshead and the new one, in honour of the Season of Goodwill, will also contain a gift.

We have further demonstrated the board’s flexibility by printing the reverse with the scenes and then printing the coated side with a Christmas wallpaper design on the inside. We’re so impressed with the quality that we have added Kromopak to our standard stock range and the material will be available from the New Year.

We have A4 sheets available if you’d like to see the quality, and larger sheets are available from the Mill for trialling purposes.

Meanwhile we Wish you all a Happy Christmas and Best Wishes for 2014

The Varsity Team