Varsity EUROs 2016 Competition!

It’s that time again!

The 2016 Euros are just around the corner, and with 3 Home Nations to cheer for there are exciting times ahead.

So how do I take part I hear you cry?

Below you will see the front page of this months Stock List. Inside the booklet are all the teams and the 3 important questions.

1) – Name the Winning Team.

2) – Name the UK Team who will progress furthest.

3) – Name the Competition’s top goal scorer

Not only will there be £100 Prizes per entry to donate to your favourite charity there will be some spot prizes for the winning entries too.

So, get your ‘Footie’ heads on and send us an email by the 9th June latest; speak to your rep or send us a pigeon to join in the competition now!