The Varsity Promo-Box and The Bristlecone Pine

The Varsity Promo-Box and The Bristlecone Pine – Pinus Longaeva

Varsity HQ has been abuzz with ideas since we decided to embark on a promotional campaign. Marketing has never been our strength but we did feel that we wanted to promote and advertise our fantastic range of boards, and at the same time have a bit of fun! In short, we wanted something that promoted our grades; carried some key messages and included a fun ‘giveaway’. The result is the stackable Varsity Promo-Box! (Don’t throw the box away; you’ll need it for the next installment)

We have grown as a company significantly over the past 25 years and felt that growth was a good theme to develop. We are very fortunate that one only has to take a couple of steps back in the supply chain to reach the raw material source of our Carton-board; trees. And what a fabulous opportunity to use something so synonymous with being a natural product? They are clean, pure and massively beneficial to all environments. So what tree should we use? The first box would be printed on a Folding Boxboard, specifically Excellent Top from the MM Mill in Baiersbronn, Germany. The pulp for Excellent is sourced from forests of Pine, Beech, Birch and Fir; but which of these to choose? While scrolling through page upon page of tree images we soon realised what an immense task this would be. The sheer number of images was staggering and there was always the question of which tree to choose over another. So, we changed our search parameters and put in a few defining terms. These included; ‘fantastic’, ‘breath-taking’, ‘awesome’ and ‘incredible’. The result was a short list from which we chose the Bristlecone Pine.

At first sight it might not look that inspiring. However, here are some amazing facts about this tree: –