The ‘Grasshead’ Family

 Varsity have been helping customers for over 25 years, and this year the stock list is posted with a ‘fun giveaway’! 

A bear which can grow grass for hair !

 A fun, small item to have on your desk at work.

Scroll down to see how to grow your Grasshead

  How To Grow Your Own Grass Head

1) Place the bear in a cup; fill with water and leave to soak for 5-10 minutes.

 2) Remove the bear and place it in a sunny place whilst keeping it moist daily.

3) The grass hair should appear after 6 days

4) Allow the grass to grow long enough for you to personalise your bear



We placed our  bear in a small glass and once it had soaked all of the water we found that the bear grew better inside the cup during the day than it did when it was out and exposed.







To decorate the bears we used ribbons for the hair and painted the bears using acrylic paint! We have created a football team and with our first bear created added ribbon pigtails and painted her pink!






We have been busy growing and decorating our bears! Take a look at what our bears have been up to!

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Varsity Grasshead Family