Speciality Products

Innovation is increasingly playing an important role in the development of new packaging solutions, so alongside Varsity’s extensive sheet stock and unrivalled selection of sizes, we offer a range of specialist products for specific applications.
Product specifications are available for most on request, but to find out more about any of these specialist products, call us to discuss.

Specialist products include:

  • Grease resistant/Freeze board
    • Excellent GR/GF – specification on request
  • Topcolor GR
    • Specification on request
  • Metpol Boards
    • Gold, Silver and Holographics
    • Sheet or Reel lamination
    • Cut pieces
  • Foil laminated Boards
    • Gold and Silver
  • Kraft backed FBB
    • Maule RC
  • Unlined Chipboard and Greyboards
    • 360 – 3000 micron
    • Specifications on request
  • Skinpack Board UT2
    • Specification on request
  • Side runs and Stocklots
    • A and B quality
  • Layer cards and cut pieces