Georgina Jermey

Sales Administrator


Georgina (Georgie) has brought a breath of fresh air to the Varsity team. In her role as a Sales Administrator, Georgina will be a daily phone contact for many customers, many of whom are already enjoying Georgina’s lovely bright personality.


Georgina joined the Varsity team from college, after a brief period working for a training company whilst completing her course placement. Having dealt with students regarding their course options and training needs, Georgina gained good telephone confidence. Moving to the world of packaging, opened up her eyes to this “under the public radar” industry. Like most, she had no idea what went into producing a takeaway clam shell, or a cereal box. A great addition to the team, Georgina is very enthusiastic to learn more and engage with customers.


Georgina enjoys time with her family and meals out. She also loves cars, music and travel in equal measure.

Favourite football team

Not being a fan of football, Georgina prefers dance, and interestingly, boxing. Which I guess is a form of slightly more aggressive dance. So maybe Anthony Joshua on Strictly would be a dream program for Georgina