G-Flute from Varsity!

Have you ever considered printable corrugated products as a solution to customer demands? Is it too scary to contemplate? Unsure of the potential benefits?

Well come and talk to Varsity about our 841G!

This is fully printable Fluted board with a coated top side, bleached Kraft reverse and Brown Test Flute.

The standard stock line is 720 x 1020 with Makings possible in 5-7 working days from order. The board is made twice per week to maintain a reliable lead-time.

For those of you new to this grade there are some basic ‘dos and don’t s’.

DO: Plan the artwork with the Flute as the first direction of the sheet size.

DON’T: Expect the same sheets per hour as solid board. G-Flute needs soft blankets and much less pressure than traditional Cartonboards

DON’T: plan to print short grain. This will destroy the board on feeding.

DO: Speak to us for Technical Advice.

We want you to feel confident that this material offers a reliable and efficient solution to your packaging needs.

Speak to Varsity: Everything you need to know for Cartonboard!