FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certification

Here at Varsity we have had FSC certification since it’s very early inception.  FSC has been gaining an ever higher profile in recent times with  companies such as Marks & Spencer demanding FSC certification. Today the majority of our supplying Mills are FSC certified. This  includes all of the MM-Karton Group Mills, which supply Virgin Fibre and recycled grades, and the CMPC Mill in Chile that supplies us with the Maule range of boards.

Our new Website holds the Mills certificates along with ISO, HACCP, EMAS, where relevant, and Halal certificates. However, to date we have not published the Varsity FSC certificate and thought it was finally time to correct this. So here it is below: –

Varsity Pckg FSC Oct 16

Our FSC advisor, however, quotes the following from FSC themselves ‘FSC does not advocate the printing of certificates because validity could be withdrawn at any time due to non-compliance, therefore the expiry date is only theoretical.’ So, for absolute proof and for complete security, you are recommended to follow the link below and find it for yourselves on the FSC Website.

Procedure for viewing Varsity Packaging Limited’s FSC certification online (20.06.14)

Enter into address field on internet

This will bring you to FSC Certificate Database page.

Click on Certificate Search

Enter Licence Code: FSC-C007915

(Alternatively put ‘Varsity Packaging Ltd.’ in the ‘name’ field)

Scroll down to results to find us.

Certificate Code: NC-COC-005535

Issue dates and expiry dates are near the top of the page under Certificate Data.

Scroll down through alphabetical names until you see Varsity Packaging Ltd

The Site Subcode of DB is unique to Varsity Packaging Ltd.

The full Certificate Code of Varsity Packaging Ltd is: NC-COC-005535DB

So, it’s all well and good having a certificate but what about actual material I hear you ask?

Well you’ll be pleased to learn that we are bolstering the stock list with some stock lot items of FSC material from our Baiersbronn Mill in Germany. We feel these items add an extra dimension to our stock offer, and we hope you agree. You will find various items of Excellent Top;  some HS and GR/GF items included, and some white-backed Optimus Top items as well. FSC status is shown in the ‘Class’ box when listings appear after the product search on the Web. At the same time we have a range of Maule Graphics that is also FSC certified. These items can be found on the stock list and are marked with an ‘S’.

If you’d prefer we are happy and keen to find the items for you, so send us an e-mail or give us a call.

We hope these new items will provide you with even more solutions in the future!