Developments in distribution

Gary & Paul Spencer

Operating from their site in Boston, Lincolnshire, Howard Tenens have handled distribution of Varsity’s stock business for almost 10 years now.

Originally Howard Tenens assumed control of the business when it was based in Leicester.  However, when the warehouse there was flagged for re-development the stock was moved to Tenens main site in Lincolnshire, where it has established and grown over recent years.

“The warehouse in Leicester was poorly equipped to hold our growing board stock”, commented Andrew Latimer, Varsity’s MD.  “With growth  in Folding Box Board grades particularly we needed to be sure the board was being kept in an environment compatible with the high demands of our customers; many of whom produce cartons for the food and pharmaceutical sectors”. He added further, “Tenens are a forward-thinking company who are always looking to improve and offer solutions for the 21st Century”.

Varsity Approval

Thumbs Up From Gary


To further enhance this claim the Boston warehouse recently took delivery of 3 more trucks that incorporate dual fuel usage.  The dual fuel engines burn diesel and gas simultaneously.  The amount of each is calculated by an Electronic Control Unit and varies during the drive cycle, but on average they use 60% Natural Gas and 40% Diesel. Sustainable logistics credentials are central to Tenens’ business strategy and the branding of the vehicles promotes this key strength.  Tenens have a long standing relationship with Mercedes Benz and have worked closely with them and the vehicle conversion company, Hardstaffs, to deliver a low carbon transport strategy.  The investment in vehicle conversions and fuel contributes to a sustainable future and a lowering of transport emissions.  With the new eye-catching livery they cannot fail to be noticed and you never know, they could be delivering to your warehouse soon.